Ductwork and ventilation capabilities

We understand that our engineers require access to the best training and equipment in order to provide the high standards of service we require from our teams.

Investment in training, equipment and technology enables us to deliver the compliance standards required in some of the most demanding situations.

Ensuring we have the tools at our fingertips to deal with any situation enables to deliver our compliance services when others fail!


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Access to height

Ductwork and plant in many cases is running at height within a property. Being able to access this ductwork is an essential part of our day to day work.

We have access to the right training and equipment to reach all but the most extreme heights of ductwork

  • Powered access and cherry pickers
  • Abseiling
  • Specialist ladder safety equipment
  • Scaffold and access towers
  • Harness training

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Hard to reach ducting

Often ductwork is concealed behind building infrastructure, has insufficient access to inspect or is blocked by pipework or other supplies.

Ductwork compliance have developed innovative solutions to make the most difficult ductwork accessible.

  • Mechanical brush machines
  • Access door fitting
  • Building infrastructure alterations
  • Confined space equipment

Solutions not problems!

We are experts at finding solutions to very hard to access ductwork. Whether we bring in specialist equipment or try a new method of cleaning our goal is to ensure our clients are full compliant and risk free. We have developed new innovative solutions to common problems that often get written off as impossible by most contractors.

Do you have hard to reach areas of ductwork that others haven’t managed to access?

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