Here’s how we ensure we deliver the new standard in ductwork maintenance!


Driven to ensure we deliver the best to our clients, provide the right working environment for staff and minimise the impact our business has on the environment are core values of Ductwork Compliance Ltd

The 3 pillars of our business:

  • Our clients deserve - The highest standards of service and quality
  • Our staff deserve – A safe, enjoyable place of work they can be proud of
  • Our environment deserves - The impact of our works to be minimal

A forward thinking, modern business (we believe) should invest in the future not only of our business but also the world around us.

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Exceeding best practice!

BESA membership not only ensures we deliver the highest industry standards but that we are informed every step of the way on new industry challenges to protect our staff in the work they provide.

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We are officially elite!

Our commitment to quality has gained us Vent Hygiene Elite status, every job we do is independently audited and accredited by BESCA. Our clients receive 3rd party accredited certification for every ventilation clean we provide THE highest standard of accreditation available!

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Carbon neutral!

Following external assessment of our emissions (including our supply stream) our team have reduced all CO2 as far as practicable. All remaining CO2 is offset by our ongoing tree planting in partnership with Forest Carbon also providing cleaner air, rivers and green space for people and nature!

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We don't cut down trees either!

Digital solutions to office-based processes has enabled us to be paper free! Other than business cards and limited promotional material (we use recycled paper) the only paper we generate is sent to us.

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Safety First!

All our risk management processes have been fully audited by an independent safety management company ensuring our service is the safest possible. Bespoke training programs and digital risk management demonstrates our employee’s safety is at the forefront of company policy!

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No minimum wage we pay the living wage!

Company employees are our greatest asset and all staff deserve a fair wage for their hard work. We want our teams to take pride in our company and ensure we deliver the best service possible to you our customers. A hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay!

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