What is lurking in your ductwork?


What could be hiding in my ventilation ductwork?

As well as building up with dust (causing a fire hazard) ventilation provides a breeding ground for a range of pathogens and mould that are spread around the building via the various vents and ductwork.

Allergens can be a leading cause of illness to inhabitants leading to a well-known problem in offices known as “sick building syndrome” in addition to reducing the life span and efficiency of AHUs and plant.


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What are my Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning Requirements?

In addition to regular filter changes Industry standard BSEN15780 recommends that ventilation ductwork should be inspected annually to test:

  1. The internal deposits of harmful contaminants are within safe limits to be breathed in by building inhabitants.
  2. Dust levels are not creating a fire hazard within the ductwork

As the building owner or manager, you have a duty of care to the inhabitants of the property to deliver clean fresh air that is safe to breathe.

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How can I protect my ventilation ductwork?

A complete ductwork support program from internal inspections to full cleaning ensures our clients fully meet the BSEN15780 standard.

  1. Site mapping and CAD
  2. Annual Inspections
  3. Dust Deposit testing
  4. Photographic evidence
  5. Microbiological testing by independent UKAS accredited labs
  6. Complete system cleaning by mechanical brush machines
  7. System sanitisation
  8. Detailed digital reporting within 48 hours and access to our bespoke site management portal

By the time dust around grilles or poor suction from the system is noticed the ductwork is heavily contaminated, annual inspections are the solution!


How is our service different?

Our Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning service is an evidence-based approach starting with internal inspections and only providing cleaning services if the findings require it. Nothing is gained from cleaning a clean ventilation system!

The most prestigious buildings in the UK are protected by our nationwide teams of ductwork engineers, armed with the most up to date mechanical brush machines and sanitisation methods to ensure clean fresh air is delivered 24/7.

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