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Why have Kitchen Extraction Cleaning?

Kitchen Extract ductwork is the primary fire risk in any commercial kitchen, 80% of kitchen fires are rooted in the kitchen extraction. It is your responsibility to reduce this risk and ensure that a proper extraction cleaning program is in place, not just the extract canopy but the entire extract system.

Kitchen ductwork should be cleaned to the B&ES TR19 standard to protect your kitchen.


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What are my Extraction Cleaning Obligations?

  1. Law - The fire safety reform act (2005) put the the legal responsibility on the building owner or manager to reduce the fire hazards.
  2. Insurance - Your buildings insurance will only provide cover if industry best practice (B&ES TR19) can be proven.
  3. Cleaning - The only compliant clean is a full clean of all the ductwork in the building!

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Discover our high standards of workmanship

How is our Extraction Cleaning different?

Nothing is unachievable!

We ensure you are fully protected from the risk of fire, our engineers are some of the best in the industry with specialist training and equipment ensuring we can clean even the most complex systems.

Our teams have specialist skill sets to tackle:

  • Special height work
  • Complex fan systems
  • Confined space
  • Hidden ductwork

We will get to those areas that others fail to reach and ensure you don’t become another fire safety statistic.


Highest standards of workmanship

Harnessing the power of bespoke 21st century digital systems ensures our team can provide the best in industry reports (available instantly) from 1 – 1000 sites completely meeting the B&ES TR19 standard.

If you have any doubt of the safety of your kitchen extraction systems Ductwork Compliance are here to provide you complete peace of mind, protecting our clients and exceeding all insurance requirements.

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