Fire dampers are your last line of defence in the case of a fire in your ductwork!

Fire dampers operate in the event of a fire shutting off a section of ductwork and preventing fire from spreading around the building. Poorly maintained fire dampers may seize and cease to work effectively when needed putting lives at risk.

Ensuring dampers are tested and work correctly should be an essential part of buildings maintenance wherever they are fitted.


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What are my fire damper testing obligations?

Fire damper testing is required by law!

Should you have a fire in your ductwork you must be able to prove you have identified all dampers and had them annually tested and inspected inline with the BS9999 Standard.

Failure to have the required evidence can lead to criminal prosecutions!

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Discover the new standard in Fire Damper Testing

How is our fire damper testing different?

Ductwork compliance’s integrated fire damper testing program provides complete compliance including:

  • Site plan identifying all dampers installed at the site
  • Bespoke digital site reporting (asset, site and group level) to BS9999
  • Photographic evidence of dampers (closed and open position)
  • Condition report of the fire stopping and damper
  • Clear asset tag on the damper indicating status
Have all your Dampers been tested within the past 12 months?

The new standard in fire damper testing

Ductwork Compliance protect some of the countries most important buildings by ensuring a fully integrated approach to fire damper testing. Our 21st century digital mapping and reporting ensures fully auditable reporting enabling building managers to focus in on essential issues and have clear essential data at their fingertips.

A Ductwork Compliance fire damper testing program ensures that the buildings fire dampers will operate as required when needed!

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