How safe is the air in your office?

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Why test my air quality?

Indoor air should not contain contaminants that exceed concentrations known to impair health or cause discomfort to occupants.

Contaminants include gases, micro-organisms, dusts, smoke and other particulate matter. These may be present in make-up air or be introduced from indoor activities, furnishings, building materials, surface coatings and air handling components.

Factors include toxicity, potential to induce infection or allergies, irritants, extreme thermal conditions and objectionable odours.


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Risks of not testing indoor air quality

Poor quality air can lead to serious and long-term health concerns and its is the building managers duty of care to protect inhabitants and employees.

A simple test can identify whether harmful contaminants are being inhaled and ensure comply with:

  • Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) regulations 1992
  • HSE EH 40/02 Occupational exposure Limits
  • HSE EH 40/05 Workplace Exposure Limits

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Discover the new standard in Indoor Air Quality Testing

How do I test the quality of indoor air?

Indoor air quality checks can be provided to ensure your air is safe to breathe.

The objective of the assessment is to confirm the overall hygienic quality and comfort parameters of the indoor air.

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Airborne Fungal / Bacterial Analysis
The information gathered will enable you to act on any factors that may be causing harm.

The new standard in indoor air quality

Its in the air we breathe!

In the modern world we are exposed to more and more harmful contaminants, with the long-term effects proven to be a leading cause of health concerns.

As a specialist ventilation company, we provide a fully integrated solution if problems are identified. We will not simply walk away but will assist with tracking down the route cause of any issues and work together to protect the inhabitants of the building.

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