What is LEV Testing?

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) or dust / fume extraction is designed carry away airborne contaminants before they can cause damage to health. LEV systems are found in a multitude of environments from sawmills to chemical factories and laboratories.

You need to know that the system is performing to its design specification to protect inhabitants from the harmful substance being extracted.

LEV must be inspected under COSHH statutory law and a thorough examination and test completed every 14 months.


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What LEV testing should be in place?

  • Initial commissioning identifies sets the starting data for flow rate benchmarks throughout the system.
  • Thorough Examination and Test every 14 months reassess the system and ensure the LEV is operating effectively
Proper LEV testing protects you from any potential claims now and in the future!

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Discover the new standard in LEV Testing

What is the LEV testing solution?

Our comprehensive LEV testing service comprises:

  • Free site audit
  • Analysis of previous commissioning baselines
  • Digital comprehensive report
  • Online management program
  • Schematics and site plans
  • Filter Changes
  • Flow rates and pressure testing
  • Detailed condition report
Delivered Nationwide by qualified engineers protecting you and your staff.

The new standard in LEV testing

From simple to complex LEV systems our engineers have access to the most effective methods, training and equipment to provide a proper clear understanding of the functionality of the LEV and provide usable reporting to assist business critical decisions.

The risks to health of poorly functioning LEV dictates the highest standards of reporting and accountability. Our bespoke 21st century reporting ensures fails and remedials are identified quickly enabling you to act protecting your employees and business from harm.

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